tdm-gcc GCC compiler, Windows-friendly.

The latest release is based on GCC 9.2.0.

MinGW-w64 based
tdm64-gcc-9.2.0.exe, 59.4 MB based
tdm-gcc-9.2.0.exe, 48.6 MB
  • TDM-GCC is a compiler suite for Windows.

  • It combines the most recent stable release of the GCC compiler, a few patches for Windows-friendliness, and the free and open-source or MinGW-w64 runtime APIs, to create a more lightweight open-source alternative to Microsoft’s compiler and platform SDK.

  • It can create 32-bit OR 64-bit binaries, for any version of Windows since Windows XP.

  • It has an easy-to-use single-file installer that creates a working installation with just a few clicks, and can update that installation when new packages become available.

  • It consists of command-line tools only. If you want a visual IDE (text editor, compiler interface, visual debugger), Code::Blocks integrates well with TDM-GCC.

  • TDM-GCC remixes and redistributes components that are created and supported by various upstream projects. You generally will find better support from those projects’ forums, rather than from TDM-GCC.

TDM-GCC is Quirky!

It’s not quite like other compilers in a few ways. Most importantly, it changes the default GCC runtime libraries to be statically linked and use a shared memory region for handling exceptions.

But you should check out the README file for the TDM32 edition at Github:jmeubank/tdm-distrib/blob/master/tdm32/core/, or for the TDM64 edition at Github:jmeubank/tdm-distrib/blob/master/tdm64/core/, to learn more.